The Writing Waters

jean compton
2 min readFeb 3, 2022
Photo: Anastasia Taioglou/Unsplash

Have you dipped your toes in the Writing Waters?

Maybe you’re more of a “stand at the edge of the water, not wanting to get your toes wet” type.

Perhaps you “wade”.

Up to the waist?

Just what kind of writer are you? Here are some examples.


You’re afraid to venture in. Maybe you can’t swim…even though you’ve lived your whole life surrounded by water. You’re afraid to take the plunge. There’s always swim lessons. Perhaps you’re the earthy type. A Taurus, you’re more of a landlubber and are afraid of the sea. You met death by drowning in a past life. Whatever the reason, that you’re standing on the edge…it’s only your fears keeping you from…


Every journey starts with the first step. Or, so the saying (or my paraphrasing of it goes). What’s to lose? At first, the water may seem cold, but give it a minute, and you begin to get used to it. Maybe, you wade in just covering your feet, you try some new words, splash around, experiment. Now, you’re getting the hang of it. You can now begin to go deeper…


You’ve come this far. The water feels like a bath now, welcoming, warm. You sway with the push and pull of the waves, thoughts coming — and going — while you hold on to just the ones you really love. You feel the excitement of the possibilities. You’re ready to…


You go under. Now the world around you disappears. Everything is silent, except for your inner thoughts, your words, you’re in another world. You float along, you were meant to be here. You came from water, after all. You’re learning new skills. Pretty soon you’ll feel ready to dive. Even if you have to take a few lessons to get you started. No shame in that. There’s nothing to it.

And, when you’re ready to take that first dive…

Don’t be afraid.

Once you’ve dipped your toes in the writing waters, no longer standing at the edge, there’s no limit as to how far you can go. Even if the waves come crashing down, causing you to stay outside on the edge, looking at the water, gazing at its horizon. Pretty soon, it pulls you back in.

It says…

Come on in. The water’s fine.

jean compton

I have an eye for the artful and influence. Essays, Memoir and Musings on this and that. Currently working on a memoir about my life as a dancer in 80's NYC